Staying alert is keeping it under control

  • Are you struggling with managing multiple contracts and trying to remember all the expiring date of those?
  • Have you suffered consequences of a lease contract, staff contract that expired without you being aware?
  • Have you missed a court session because your traditional agenda failed you or your personal assistant simply did not remind you?
  • Have you been embarrassed during a journey because one of your car documents had expired without you noticing it?
  • Are your commercial vehicles being impounded or grounded all the times because some documentation is lacking or has expired?

Legal Case

Are you a practicing lawyer, a judge or corporate lawyer? You can now register all your cases in gloalerts and access them everywhere on the planet on mobile, laptop and other devices with internet connection. You no longer need to rely on your already busy brain nor your personal assistant to remind you about court hearings. Gloalerts will take care of that and give you a history of past hearings so that you are better prepared for the next sessions. Also store important court documents you might want to access at any time on our platform and get the experience of mobile office.

Staff Contract

Your company struggles with the management of temporal staff contracts, are you unable to get staff turnover reports from your current systems? Do you have many staff to manage daily? Are you a staff placement agency managing thousands of staff for clients? If the answer to any of the above is yes then you are at the right door. Gloalerts reminds you of probation completion, temporal contracts’ expiration, work anniversary reminder; service awards reminders and retirement reminders. You will also get a couple of analysis on employees’ trend performance, staff turnover ratio, reasons for staff departures and many more.

Lease contract

You are in real estate managing a vast number of lease agreements for apartments, houses, land etc. You are a telecom company or tower management company and you have agreements with hundreds or thousands of individuals. You are an advertising enterprise that leases numerous site to displays clients’ publicity material. In all these cases you want to be able to manage all these contracts with precision and keep an accurate follow up of all payments. Gloalerts is the solution you need for that.

Personal Alerts

A proper follow up of self and children vaccination is very important for healthy life and development. Having your personal documents (identification card, passport, work permit, driver’s license and other important documents) valid always can save you from trouble as well as help you seize opportunities. In this module of gloalerts, you can set reminders for all the above and get alerts just as you wish, even after many years.

commercial Vehicle Documentation

Avoid unnecessary trouble when transporting your passenger or goods. Gloalerts helps you keep your fleet documents valid always as you run your business. You can equally outsource the management of all your fleet documentation to us while you concentrate on your core activities.

Personal Vehicle documentation

Drive to work go, go for business meetings, visit family and friends, go for weekends and have fun with no hassle on the road. You don’t have time to take your car for road worthiness certification or renewal of documents, let us handle all that for you while you focus on enjoying every ride.